Welcome to My Blog!

My main purpose in starting this blog is to have somewhere to record my (very unscientific) experiments with things that are supposed to be good for bipolar disorder or just your mental health in general.  I’m talking about taking fish oil, meditating, light (and dark) therapy… all that good stuff.

So now I’ll have a handy place to keep all my findings that I won’t accidentally misplace in the back of my closet and find five years later when I finally get around to cleaning it out like I keep saying I will.

I’m also planning to institute what I’m dubbing “Self Care Saturdays,” since “be better at self care” is one of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions.  I suppose that falls under the umbrella of my main purpose, since I also plan to keep track of what I did and how it made me feel.

My other purpose, then, is to keep a sort of online journal of sorts where I can keep myself accountable as I tackle my mental health and associated issues.  I’m still going to keep my personal journal, but after a while all the whiny, self-pitying in there gets old, so the “online journal” is a good supplement.

So welcome to my very unscientific online journal and enjoy the ride!

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